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Professional Global Sourcing BV (PGS) offers a variety of outsourcing services both to European companies wanting to outsource tasks to near-shore, off-shore or far-shore destinations or locations and to off-shore companies wanting to expand their business towards the European market. By doing so, Professional Global Sourcing is the bridge between Europe and offshore destinations, partners, suppliers and vendors around the world.

For every specific request or demand, there is a best matching company out there who is capable of fulfilling your needs in terms of company processes and culture, capabilities, availability, skills, experience and cost. Professional Global Sourcing searches for the best matches between European companies with their specific requirements and the best outsource companies for fulfilling the requirements. Professional Global Sourcing brings offshore companies together with the European industry facilitating business on both sides.

Professional Global Sourcing (PGS) offers the full range of consultancy services for companies considering going offshore or companies wanting guidance when going offshore including strategic consulting on outsourcing, coaching the transition to outsourcing, setting up and managing outsourcing, training of staff at all levels and at both sides of the partnership, and immigration services for non-EU companies sending their associates to Belgium (including work permit administration).

Linked to outsourcing and working with partners in general, PGS also offers advice on how to protect your intellectual property (IPR) in an international setting, how to actively manage and protect your knowledge, and to compute, validate, optimize or safeguard your intellectual capital (e.g. for the purpose of validating a company in case of mergers and acquisitions) or to optimize the local and integrated operational performance of your operations across your locations, sites, partners and suppliers.

Professional Global Sourcing (PGS) also provides all kinds of management services aiming to optimize your international business such as Vendor and Supplier management services, International Procurement and Contract management, Vendor relationship management, remote site management, training and coaching (at both sides of the table), quality management. These services can be offered at an early stage when a company is starting up his international business or at any next stage when an improvement or optimization is required or seems appropriate.

Professional Global Sourcing (PGS) helps you to set up a fully owned (captive) subsidiary or a long term partnership such as a joint venture abroad as well. Professional advise is given about how, where and what to outsource, where to go to (country, region), providing support for the legal and administrative process to register a company and to start up a business abroad. PGS can even help you to seek for some governmental funding for setting up your business in a non-EU country. PGS also help you to adopt your business processes during the transition (change management)in order to integrate your off-shore business within your own business. Together with going international (near-shore, off-shore, far-shore), which inevitably means that you will share some of your company intellectual property, PGS advises you in taking the right measures for protecting your intellectual property (IPR) and your intellectual capital.

The target audience of Professional Global Sourcing in Europe are companies considering to outsource, near-shore, offshore or far-shore activities or services, wanting to outsource or dislocate activities, struggling to finding the right outsourcing solution or partner, wanting to optimize their way of working with their outsource partner, seeking for optimizing their business processes including an outsourced part of their business, seeking for improving or securing the quality of their products of services in an international setting.

The target audience at outsourcing destinations (near-shore, offshore and far-shore) are companies wanting to develop, expand or sustain their business towards the European market but lacking onsite presence, the knowledge of local languages or local rules and regulations, or facing prospects hesitating doing business with an offshore/near-shore destination directly and seeking for the comfort of being able to do business through an European partner. Professional Global Sourcing (PGS) can represent foreign companies to local authorities in the EU for all kinds of services such as for registering a subsidiary, obtaining work permits, managing personnel administration for fulfilling all legal and administrative obligations when deploying activities and businesses within Europe.

Our Aim

Professional Global Sourcing (PGS) aims to be the independent business partner and reliable bridge between European companies and near-shore, off-shore and far-shore companies, suppliers, partners and subsidiaries. Our end-to-end service offering includes strategic consulting on outsourcing, organisation performance, contract negotiations, coaching the transition to outsourcing, managing outsourcing and managing virtual teams, managing quality of service and protecting intellectual property and trade secrets when incolving remote teams, training of staff to cope with the cultural differences between the European company and the outsource partner. For foreign workers detached to European companies, we also arrange for the required permits to allow for smooth cooperation.


Professional Global Sourcing (PGS) actively contributes to the business involving both European companies and their near-shore, off-shore or far-shore partners of any kind by exploiting the benefits of going global and establishing global partnerships. Professional Global Sourcing offers its customers at both sides of the table (EU companies and their foreign partners or subsidiaries) its outsource management expertise and organization performance expertise and shares its vast outsource experience that has been build up since 1995. We turn your outsource ambitions into a positive and profitable experience.