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What are Shared Services?

Shared services provides an opportunity for almost every organization in the current economic crisis and the age of cost cutting or cost reductions. Whether outsourced or captive, shared services organizations provide an attractive and proven option to reduce back and front office costs, while improving levels of service to customers and the business itself. This, in turn, provides a personal opportunity for shared services leaders themselves.
The right shared services strategy will create value, reduce costs and provide flexibility. The wrong approach, without due consideration to risk, balance and long-term flexibility, will become a costly exercise.

Shared Services

PGS can guide your company as an independent consultant to carefully select solutions for using shared services techniques to:
Improve liquidity - often implemented as a long-term solution, shared services can be used as a tool to help with immediate liquidity issues.

Provide flexibility – any organization adopting shared services should think about flexibility.

Improve performance – proven shared services and outsourcing maturity models can help fine-tune the performance of an organization and point to further benefit realization opportunities.

Take action – it is easy to prevaricate but difficult to be bold, especially with a whole organization and shareholders watching your personal performance. Making bold shared services decisions in this climate requires a blend of strategic sourcing and practical action. This combination is deeply embedded in PGS's culture and is enabled by the type of people and partners we work with.