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Obtaining the required Work Permits

It often happens that during the execution of a project one or more team members of your offshore partner are required to work at onsite with the customer. This could be a liaison person to take care of the contacts with the customer and its issues on a daily basis, to question the customer in the analysis phase, to question the customer to uncover specifications, to perform integrations, to perform integration tests with the customer, to assure good communication between the customer and the supplier in order to obtain first-hand findings from the customer, to interpret and translate requirements for the remote team(s), to get immediate feedback from the customer about the (intermediate) deliveries, to quickly solve minor (configuration) problems without causing small and easily solvable issues to return the entire product back to the remote team, etc.

Bringing someone to Europe legally requires some administration. Most of the time, a work permit must be applied for (and possibly also a residence permit for accompanying family members). In many countries in Europe, the applications for this purpose must be done to local authorities in the local language. This might be challenging for foreign companies, especially when English is not one of the official local languages. A good knowledge of the local process is also indispensable for fast and smooth operation to have someone on site just when the need arises. A third-country national who works on the premises of a European customer, needs a work permit. When family members are traveling with the worker, these family members need a residence permit.

PGS is specialized in these administrative matters for obtaining work and residence permits for decades, supporting multiple local languages in Europe, and takes away the burden from both the foreign supplier and the European customer. This often creates a basis that guarantees smooth cooperation. PGS has acquired and maintains many years of experience in these matters, maintains good contacts with various regional and federal government agencies and has managed thousands work permits for various clients over decades. With this knowledge and experience, PGS takes the headaches of this administration completely out of the hands of the customer and PGS guarantees a fully legal residence for highly skilled foreign employees during the execution of their projects for customers in Europe.