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What is Benchmarking?

Benchmarking is defined as the measurement and quantification of the quality of a company's policies, products, programs, strategies, processes, procedures, etc., and their comparison with standard measurements, common practices, or similar measurements of the best-in-class firms. The objectives of this exercise are:

  • to quantify the performance of your operations in a unit or company or across your units,
  • to measure and quantify your losses through poor performance of your processes,
  • to quantify the performance of your operations in a unit or company or across your units,
  • to rank your own company in the market with respect to common practices on how other firms achieve their high performance levels, and
  • to use this information to improve or optimize your firm's performance.


Is your offshore business going fine? Are you able to measure, quantify and compare how good your outsourced business is doing? Is your intellectual property well protected? Could you easily change your supplier? Does it generate the profit you should? Are your business processes and production processes well adopted to accommodate or facilitate outsourcing or offshoring? Does your outsourcing or offshoring business require improvement or optimization? Do you know how much you currently lose because of poor process alignment, poor performance, duplicated work, unnecessary re-work and process misalignments? What should be your first priorities in order to improve or optimize your performance? Are you disappointed about the result of going offshore with respect to your business, expectations, performance, flexibility, quality and costs? PGS offers you many years of experience and expertise in global (near-shore, off-shore and far-shore) outsourcing business and can offer you an audit of your business both at onsite and offshore (and integrated) in order to pinpoint and quantify weaknesses, misalignments and to consult on how to improve or optimize your offshore or outsourced business.