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How to manage virtual teams? How to manage quality over distance?

With a remote team that has been entrusted with an assignment or project, how are you going the check the actual project progress on a regular basis? Or do you trust that everything will go well until the day of the final delivery? Very often the regular progress reports are invariably a good news show until the day when something really needs to be delivered. And then it becomes proclaimed that one still has to put the last proverbial dots on those i. And the suddenly date of completion is postponed, first by a few days, then by weeks and sometimes even by months. How can these situations be prevented?

How do you ensure that a team delivers the quality you want to pay as a customer when working over distance? Very often you don't have a Plan B when it comes to outsourcing. And even if you have a Plan-B, you will only run it when the results are repeatedly disappointing, but then it is often already too late and you have lost a lot of time and money on producing things that are of no use. A plan B also usually implies that one has to start over from scratch.

The key to success when working with virtual or remote teams is a good management of the team over distance and good quality management. PGS offers you the solution and, together with its customers, ensures that projects with virtual teams or projects involving an outsource component should not be a process of trial and error, however that the project is managed well from the outset. PGS teaches the project leaders of the customer how to deal with these teams over distance, how reliable reporting is obtained and how the quality of the work delivered is monitored over a distance and throughout the project.