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Professional Global Sourcing (PGS): WHO WE ARE

Building success wherever your business takes you

When you're faced with the challenges of doing business across borders, time zones and cultures, you encounter some of the toughest business decisions you'll ever have to make. But, you don't have to go it alone. From strategy through delivery, PGS provides you with the global scale and proven experience you need in order to accelerate your global business success.

As an extension of your team, PGS guides you through all the challenges associated with sourcing and outsourcing such as international laws and administration, currencies, lead times, languages, culture barriers, payment methods, immigration services, work permits, in-country and international logistics. Our global network of carefully selected, reliable and experienced partners will partner with you through PGS in order to execute your business strategy from strategic outsourcing consultancy about what, where and how to successfully outsource your business, introducing the managed services (MS) approach and defining meaningful and useful service levels (SLA, SLM) or Key Performance Indicators (KPI), re-structuring and optimizing your outsourced business, adapting your business processes (BPO, BPR) in order to include the outsourced component of your business, guiding you through the process of selecting and contracting your remote outsource partner, supplier or vendor, setting up your new subsidiary abroad, to management and coaching of any phase of the implementation process of outsourcing or the life cycle of your outsourced business and products. These outsourced product phases may include, but are not limited to the creative concept, design and prototyping, product development, product test, data migration, product maintenance, data management, production, service definition and strategic sourcing all the way through to project setup and management (PM, PMO), outsourced process definition and optimization (BPO, BPR), training of staff at all levels at both sides about doing business across borders and cultures, managing virtual and remote teams, managing quality over distance, managing production and manufacturing, fulfillment, and distribution...on time, on spec, and on budget.

This is what we have been doing for companies like yours for over 15 years. To find out how we can make your outsource adventure to become a success, give us a call today. Global sourcing and near-shore, off-shore or far-shore outsourcing is certainly not restricted to the largest companies and multinationals but, when carefully managed, might suit to your business as well giving you a competitive advantage in return.

PGS makes it easier for businesses to take advantage of the possibilities and opportunities of a global marketplace. With a unique combination of international knowledge, industry expertise, and superior service, we leverage our network of partners to deliver high quality, cost-effective business solutions.

Why Professional Global Sourcing (PGS) ?

Here are a few of the reasons our clients continually come back to PGS for global sourcing solutions:

Vendor-neutral sourcing of highly skilled professionals – Because PGS is not linked to any specific vendor, supplier or partner and we don’t own or maintain own product development and production facilities, we’re free to identify the very best production partner, the best location (country and region), the best way of cooperation for each individual company, for each team culture and for each project.

In-country project management and local presence at both sides – Too many companies rely exclusively on long-distance project management, virtual teams, and it just doesn’t work. That’s why we assure a local presence both in Europe and with your sourcing partner who can oversee, manage, coach and actively support the project from start to finish.

Through on-site follow-up and quality control – By placing someone on-site, we’re able to eliminate errors at the point-of-manufacture or point-of-development, instead of you finding them when they show up at the final point of delivery or acceptance halfway across the world.

Independent (pre)testing and verification – usually heavily underestimated, PGS is capable of finding the right and independent partner for executing the test and verification of the deliveries before they are finally presented to the customer for acceptance. Including this process gives better guarantees that final deliveries are delivered on time at the desired quality level rather than having to add a time-consuming process in order to make the delivery compliant to the specifications.

End-to-end supply chain services – We can manage every aspect of your project or service, from design to delivery, freeing you to focus on your core responsibilities and business.

Integrated solutions – We work with best-of-breed partners in development, testing, manufacturing, sourcing, and technology to provide top-quality integrated solutions and to actively contribute to the success of your business.

Global buying and sourcing power – By leveraging our aggregate sourcing volume, PGS is able to achieve pricing unattainable by our competition without sacrificing our commitment to quality and timely delivery. PGS makes global sourcing and outsourcing accessible and profitable, even for the SME market.

Worldwide Strategic Partners – We’ve identified proven and reliable Strategic Trade Partners across the globe that deliver consistent quality and reliability at preferred prices. For every project, for every project approach, for every company culture, for every technology, for every demand, there is a best partner out there who can offer you the best solution.

Decades of international experience – We know the people, the cultures, the local networks, the infrastructure, the government agencies, the compliance issues, the language, and all the other factors that can make or break your project.

PGS makes it easier for businesses to take advantage of the possibilities and opportunities of a global marketplace. With a unique combination of international knowledge and experience, industry expertise, and superior service, we leverage our network of carefully chosen strategic partners to timely deliver high quality, cost-effective business solutions offering you the competitive advantage.

Our Aim

Professional Global Sourcing aims to be the independent business partner and reliable bridge between European companies and near-shore, off-shore or far-shore partners. Its service offering includes strategic consulting on outsourcing, coaching the transition to outsourcing, managing outsourcing and managing virtual teams, assuring the quality, training of staff in order cope with the challenges of cultural differences between the European company and the outsourcing partner.


Professional Global Sourcing actively contributes to the business of both European companies and near-shore or off-shore partners by exploiting the benefits of going global and establishing global partnerships. Professional Global Sourcing offers its customers at both sides of the table its outsource expertise and shares its outsource experience that has been build up since 1995.